On-Demand Webinar

Artificial Intelligence, Tech Adoption, and Talent Management in M&A

In this on-demand recording, we share key findings from our 2023 technology in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) survey and discuss artificial intelligence (AI).

The survey includes insights from over 300 lawyers in North America and the UK whose practices focus on M&A. It is a focused investigation of technology’s impact on this practice in law firms.

In this short session, you will hear from key members of our workflow team:

  • A quick welcome and overview from our Kira expert, Alister Wyld
  • Former M&A Lawyer, Jennifer Tsai, shares global results of our 2023 Tech in M&A Survey
  • Bryan Smith, Director of Product, shares insights into large language models (LLMs) in transactional law

This event was held live in-person at The Plaza Hotel in NYC in June 2023.


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