‘Exhibit A’: Proof That Your Firm Can Be More Efficient

On-Demand Webinar

In the intricate dance of legal operations, the music has changed. Traditional collaboration tools, while familiar, no longer match the tempo of today’s legal challenges. You face a unique set of demands - safeguarding sensitive information, navigating complex cases with agility, and maintaining unwavering client trust. The disjointed use of Microsoft Teams, iManage, NetDocuments, SharePoint, and FileShares, among others comes with the risk of inefficiency.

How can you pivot to harmony and control in this evolved legal landscape?

The answer lies within this webinar:
  • Efficiency: Learn to reclaim up to 30% of your day currently lost in the maze of disparate systems. Turn search time into strategic advantage.
  • Security: Explore advanced strategies to protect your firm’s most valuable asset—client data.
  • Integration: Experience the seamless fusion of your essential tools into a unified collaboration powerhouse. No more juggling between applications; just streamlined success.
Who Will Benefit:
  • Forward-Thinking Partners eyeing the horizon for competitive advantages
  • IT Innovators tasked with defending the firm’s digital domain
  • Ambitious Associates eager to magnify their effectiveness
  • Operational Leaders in pursuit of peak efficiency
Watch to learn more today!


Yann Gouillou
Director, Solutions Advisor at Litera

Jack Nagrodski
Solutions Architect at Litera

Visare Smakiqi
Sales Engineer at Litera

Tom Humberstone IT Applications & Development Manager
Womble Bond Dickinson (UK)


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