Buy vs Build Dilemma

Provisioning Engine: Why Choosing an Outside Vendor is Your Best Choice

Over the past year-and-a-half, cyberattacks – such as ransomware --have increased by over 60%. As organizations make the shift to virtual workplaces, a proper governance and provisioning strategy is more crucial than ever.​

But finding the proper provisioning strategy can be challenging. We know that. That’s why we put together this whitepaper to help you decide if you should “build vs buy” a provisioning engine. 

Access our Whitepaper and find out: 

  • Feasibility of provisioning for any business process, no matter its complexity
  • How automating project creation enables consistent processes
  • How you can easily view your projects through a Unified Project Directory
  • How to gain advanced templating ability to support complex business processes
  • Implications & costs of building an in-house provisioning solution
  • Advantages of an outside, vendor-provided, provisioning solution
  • And much more…

Access the Exclusive Whitepaper Now

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