CRM & MarTech Integration: A key element to your firm’s growth

E-Book: The Key to Your Firm’s Growth Lies in CRM Integration

Professional services firms grow through high-impact client experiences.

Find out how to make the most of your firm’s CRM to drive growth and channel your focus to high-impact campaigns.

The first step to tracking, managing and analyzing interactions along the customer journey is usually a CRM tool.

91% of businesses use one — and yet, up to 69% of CRM projects fail to deliver the intended results.

This does not mean that your CRM is a lost cause, nor does it undercut your marketing efforts. It simply indicates that your CRM is being used as a standalone tool rather than a streamlined workflow, which often extends to the organizational level.

The gap between your CRM data and your MarTech tools is full of potential.

As your organization embarks on ambitious scaling projects, tapping into this data goldmine is the key to:

  • Maintaining trustworthy client experiences
  • Delivering relevant campaigns that drive referrals, leads and cross-selling opportunities
  • Effectively collaborating on shared goals across your organization

It is also the key to cutting hours of manual admin out of your schedule, so that your marketing team can focus on meaningful projects.

In this free e-book, we demonstrate the benefits of integrating your CRM into your MarTech stack to future-proof your firm for growth.

Download the e-book to find out:

  • Why your CRM is not delivering results
  • How your firm can keep delivering personal client experiences while scaling up
  • How to maximize every touchpoint along your client journey
  • How to reduce compliance risks throughout your campaigns

Let’s turn your CRM headache into actionable insights that propel your campaigns forward without the growing pains.

With the right tools in hand, you do not need to compromise on your client experience.

At Litera, we know first-hand that in professional services, strong relationships count. That is why we want to support your most ambitious campaigns with innovative tools while maintaining a top-of-the-class client experience.

Over the next few months, we will guide you through our Roadmap to Relationship-Building Success

This series is a complete walk through the foundations of a relationship-driven marketing strategy that grows alongside your organization. We will cover topics such as MarTech stacking, automation, personalization and multi-channel marketing so that you can assess your existing MarTech stack and optimize it to suit your firm’s needs.


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