Litera Create

Create Better Documents, 85% Faster!

Effortless Document Creation

Litera Create is a document assembly and content library platform for Microsoft Word, designed to empower legal professionals to create quick and accurate first drafts by using enterprise-approved templates and inserting the most updated & relevant language.

Why Litera Create?

Legal professionals spend more than five hours per week drafting documents. The current process involves duping and revising previous documents, which could result in using antiquated legalese and old clauses, remainders of prior work - including sensitive information - and too many billable hours spent manually assembling the document. With Litera Create, legal professionals draft 85% faster, saving billable time, improving productivity & profitability, and increasing client satisfaction.

Litera Create comes in two modules to ensure a complete document creation workflow:

  • Litera Create – Templates cuts down on the time needed to find the right template or reusable document by enabling template creation & sharing, application of firm styles, management of Doc IDs, etc.
  • Litera Create - Content makes it easy to find the most accurate and updated language, by enabling storage & sharing of clauses, anonymizing sensitive data, and finding the best language through the Recommendations Service.


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