Integrating Technologies Enables Seamless Workflows

Fuel productive and collaborative work irrespective of device or location.

Create seamless connections between the tools legal teams rely on every day

Today, more than ever, in-house legal teams shouldn’t have to fight with technology. They need tools that enable them to get into their production workflow and stay there, minimizing the disruptions and distractions that come with switching between tasks and applications.

This eBook highlights the integrations we’ve created between the NetDocuments document management system and Litera’s document drafting tools.

Download now to learn how you can:

  • Securely store your documents in an approved document management system that meets the organization’s requirements.
  • Make sure documents are accessible to all approved collaborators, regardless of their physical location or the device they’re using.
  • Utilize industry-leading tools to work with your documents, run comparisons, identify the best existing content examples, and check for errors.
  • Take advantage of uninterrupted workflows to avoid the distractions, confusion, and risks caused by switching between apps or downloading extra copies of documents.


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