How Litera’s Technology Integrations Solve the Challenges of Drafting Legal Documents

When users have to access multiple tools or technologies to finish a single project — like drafting and finalizing a document — their attention is constantly divided. They must remember which sub-task comes next and which program or application they need to execute that sub-task. Every time users switch tabs or windows to access a different app, they must remember where they are in the process.

With a well-articulated and well-connected document drafting strategy, unified by integrated document tools, law firms and corporate law departments can provide their lawyers and legal professionals with the tools they need to prepare consistently outstanding documents. Integrated document technology can help your legal team to:

  • Leverage the office’s document management system to identify and anonymize the best examples of trusted, approved content and quickly create new drafts
  • Proof, repair, style, and format documents — including tables of contents and tables of authorities — to create consistently flawless output that meets the office’s standards and clients’ expectations
  • Complete complex, many-to-one document reviews and comparisons with lengthy, carefully structured legal documents
  • Share documents securely without accidentally leaking key information or metadata to unauthorized viewers or violating ethical walls
  • Compete more effectively for work and talent by improving profit margins, providing impeccable client service, and boosting lawyer satisfaction

This eBook, Better Together: How Litera’s Technology Integrations Solve the Challenges of Drafting Legal Documents, explains how legal teams can utilize different technologies — and the crucial integrations between them — to help law firms and corporate law departments overcome the challenges of legal drafting.

Ready to improve your legal drafting workflows? Download the eBook today to learn more.


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