One Stop Governance Shop: End-to-End Lifecycle Management with CAM

27 September

11:00 AM BST

CAM reduces IT and DMS administration workloads with end-to-end automation and advanced service desk capabilities.

Effective matter lifecycle management is crucial. It's about more than just efficiency—it's about ensuring compliance, reducing risks, and embracing automation.

Enter CAM. Litera’s Governance platform offers comprehensive and complete lifecycle management capabilities, all while simplifying and streamlining the process, making it accessible and intuitive. It's not just another tool - it's designed specifically with the unique challenges of the legal world in mind.

Join our experts, Sharon Cannon and Yann Gouillou, as they walk you through the benefits and capabilities of CAM, offering insights into a smarter approach to matter lifecycle management:

  • Holistic Lifecycle Management: Understand how CAM provides a 360-degree view of your DMS, from provisioning to access management to retention and disposition.
  • Automate Like Never Before: Dive into the automation capabilities of CAM. Talk about new features, CSV-file based actions, and other innovative tools.
  • Cut Down IT Burden: Learn how CAM's streamlined processes reduce IT workloads, human labor, and potential errors.
  • Fully Featured Platform: Discover how CAM's features and functionality give you more ability, more control, more flexibility.
  • Ultimate Service Desk Capability: Learn about the convenience of CAM’s service desk and automation, addressing gaps and limitations that might be in your DMS.
Where full lifecycle management meets automation – secure your spot!


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