From Archives to AI: The Evolutionary Journey of Knowledge Management in Law Firms

On-Demand Webinar

A law firm’s lifeblood is its collective experience and expertise. So, it’s no surprise that the knowledge management specialty arose from a need to share and search vast amounts of experience data.

Over the last decade, knowledge management has been on a journey from simple document sharing to spearheading innovation and now plays a pivotal role in creating client value.

As technology paves the way to new possibilities and client demands have increased, the scope of knowledge management has grown to include enhancing efficiency and effectiveness much more broadly.

So, what should Knowledge Managers be focused on now and where should they be setting their sights to unlock transformative efficiencies in the coming years? Litera gathered some of the best minds in the legal industry to discuss the evolution of knowledge management, including what trends knowledge managers need to be prepared for and other key insights.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The history and evolution of knowledge management in law firms and what that teaches us.
  • The future of knowledge management and its impact on the legal profession.
  • The benefits and challenges of adopting Generative AI-driven knowledge management systems.


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