Transform Your Deal Data with Foundation and Dragon

Litera Foundation transforms the way legal teams work with fully connected profiles of clients, matters, lawyers, and experiences right at a firm’s fingertips. Foundation Dragon, Litera's newest GenAI solution, leverages your firm's deal data and answer complex legal questions in seconds, transforming firm experience into actionable insights­.

Harness Your Firm’s Experience into Client Value

Foundation Dragon uncovers the hidden treasures in your firm's experience data, allowing your firm to present its expertise to clients in a quantifiable way. Answer complex deal questions like "what is market" in mere seconds and empower your clients with knowledge.

Negotiation Intelligence

Leverage solid data for strategic negotiations and secure better outcomes for your clients. Foundation Dragon lets you see where opposing counsel has begun and concluded in past similar deals, giving you the upper hand in negotiations.

Precedent Locations

Easily locate deal precedents comparable to current deals and discover what's market. With Foundation Dragon, new deals are instantly available in the system, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date data at your disposal.

Reduced Cost, Enhanced Accuracy

Free up resources and staff with Foundation Dragon's deal point database. Say goodbye to the laborious manual search through heaps of data and enjoy a comprehensive 360° view of your firm's experience on all matter types with a simple search query.

Unlock your firm's full potential with Foundation Dragon. Transform your deal data into market insights and drive unparalleled client value. Learn more about Foundation and Foundation Dragon by scheduling a demo today!


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