Guide to MarTech Stacking

Build a MarTech stack that lasts the test of time and evolves with your needs.

Find out how to choose marketing tools and solutions that match your organization’s needs and drive business growth.

As a professional services marketer, you know that marketing technology is the way forward.

In a 2019 survey, 93.8% of marketers felt that it was important for their company to invest in emerging technologies. (State of Marketing 2019)

And for good reason. MarTech cuts down tedious tasks, aids cross-organizational collaboration and helps you deliver relevant campaigns to the right people.

When a central piece is missing from your MarTech puzzle, you feel its impact in every missed opportunity and every wasted hour.

But searching for a solution in today’s saturated market can be equally frustrating.

Months of searching, comparing, free trialling and sales calling later, you can still end up back at the drawing board when those shiny new features fail to fit with the rest of your systems.

The result? A crowd of mismatched tech solutions that sit unused, cutting into your hard-earned budget and overwhelming your marketing team.

So how can you choose solutions that boost your growth instead of setting you back?

In our Guide to MarTech Stacking, we walk you through the assembly process of an optimized MarTech stack that:

  • Fits your organizational model
  • Enhances your client experience
  • Drives revenue growth and quality leads
  • Saves you countless hours of training and manual data entry
  • Ensures fully compliant data processing across all your channels

Download the guide to narrow down your priorities and determine your organization’s tech gaps across four core areas:

  • Foundation (CRM)
  • Features and Capabilities
  • Integration
  • Compliance

With the right tools in hand, you can maximize data, minimize risk and excel at your job every step of the way.


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