How to Increase Efficiency and Save Time with Signature Templates

On-Demand Webinar

There are significant productivity, time, and cost savings available to legal teams that invest in a transaction management solution to help manage deals. One way Litera Transact helps legal teams accomplish this is by streamlining the signature management process. With Litera Transact’s new Signature Templates , it’s now possible to create fully customized signature blocks and pages that can be saved as templates for use on other documents and deals. By taking advantage of solutions that automate these processes in transactions, you can save 60-80% of time spent manually managing signatures, from signature block creation to signature page tracking!

Watch this prerecorded webinar to hear from our experts, Mark Woods, Product Advisor, and Vanessa Davis, Director – Product, and learn how to:

  • Create and template signature blocks and pages that conform to firm—and local—specific styles and document types; 
  • Automatically create signing packets for each signer in a transaction;
  • Quickly update all signature pages as changes arise; and
  • Use Litera Transact’s automatic signature tracking and collation feature. 


Vanessa Davis
Director, Product
Mark Wood
Team Lead, Product Advisors


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