A Quick Guide to Law Firm Dashboards  

How one tool can improve client service, law firm operations, succession planning, and more. 

Used to their full potential, they’re navigational systems that can help you see where you’ve been and where you’re headed, and enable you to course-correct as needed.  

Dashboards don’t require that you invest in new data collection or convince everyone in your firm to enter data in a new place. Rather, dashboards aggregate and analyze data that your firm already collects.  

So, if you already have the data, why not use dashboards to display it? 

This eBook will show you how to get started. First, we’ll offer an overview of what dashboards are and how they can help your firm. We’ll then provide several use case examples to inspire you to think creatively about your unique needs. Finally, we have a five-step approach you can use to design your own dashboards for: 

  • Regular progress updates that provide a clear view of each matter and project’s status, including progress toward completion and current spend 
  • Transparency and clear communication with clients, vendors, and the firm’s management 
  • Clearly scoped projects with reasonable budgets that you can stick to  
  • Happier clients who are thrilled with your service, communication, and prices  
  • Strategic talent development efforts that ensure your firm’s ongoing success 


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