The Power of One: The Case for Consolidating Drafting Tools

February 27, 2024

8am PST | 11am EST | 4pm GMT

Recent research reveals a staggering reality: professionals find themselves juggling 1,200 application switches daily, squandering 4 hours each week. Lawyers, once immersed in critical tasks like document drafting, are now losing precious focus, while IT teams are drowning in the time-consuming upkeep of a multitude of tools, stifling their innovation potential.

When the many tools we use to enhance productivity do the exact opposite, it’s time to try something different. Consolidating diverse solutions benefits both end users and IT teams, promoting focus and efficiency.

Join us for a webinar on February 27th at 11am ET where Litera experts, Matt Miller, VP of Product and Matt James, VP of Sales Advisors will walk us through the value of consolidating your drafting applications.

During the webinar, you:

  • Uncover the detrimental effects of scattered drafting applications on lawyers and IT teams
  • Explore strategic approaches firms can employ to revolutionize document workflows
  • Discover how Litera Desktop's consolidation prowess can be your game-changer
  • Dive into success stories of those who have successfully embraced consolidation


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