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Litera Governance Solutions for Modern Digital Collaboration

Earlier this year, Litera entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Prosperoware, an enterprise software company for the adoption and governance of collaboration systems.

The acquisition of Prosperoware gives Litera a full-fledged platform of governance solutions.

But what really are Litera Governance Solutions, and what value do they bring to law firms aiming to enhance their team efficiency and security across collaboration systems?

This month we are partnering with ILTA to answer all your burning questions about the acquisition, the value of the solutions, and the importance of governance in today's day and age.

Watch our webinar with Sherry Kappel, Litera Evangelist and Yann Gouillou, Sales Engineer, from October 12, 2022 to learn more about:

  • Why did Litera acquire Prosperoware?
  • What are the now called Litera Governance Solutions?
  • How do these solutions help law firms get ahead?
  • Why is Governance Key for organizations?
  • And more...


Sherry Kappel
Litera Evangelist
Yann Gouillou
Yann Gouillou
Sales Engineer


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