M365 Copilot and Litera’s Tools: Separate Strengths, Shared Future

Unlock Exclusive Insights on M365 Copilot and Litera’s Tools

For nearly three decades, Litera and Microsoft have worked together to enhance Word and Outlook for legal professionals. This collaboration has recently taken a giant leap forward, with Litera being selected as a key Independent Software Vendor (ISV) to partner with Microsoft, bringing cutting-edge tools and intelligent experiences to the legal industry.

Our new whitepaper offers extensive knowledge around the full potential of M365 Copilot and Litera’s tools, including strategic insights, real-world use-cases, and future trends. Inside, you’ll learn:

  • How Litera and Microsoft are collaborating to bring new tools and intelligent experiences to market, transforming legal workflows and enhancing productivity
  • Detailed use cases showcasing how M365 Copilot can streamline tasks such as team meeting recaps, email handling, and calendar management, making legal professionals more efficient
  • A look into ongoing and future innovations, including how Litera is transforming its drafting tools to leverage cloud-enabled Office Add-ins and integrate with M365 Copilot
Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay informed and ahead in the legal tech landscape. Download the full whitepaper now and explore how Litera and Microsoft are shaping the future of legal technology.


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