Business Continuity Initiative

The standard processes for managing signatures and closing deals are experiencing serious disruption at firms everywhere.

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How Litera Transact Can Help

When closing a deal, lawyers manually update checklists, create countless signature pages, send and track all signature pages and packets, and build closing books. The process is typically dependent on commercial-grade printers and scanners and can take hours sometimes days. Litera Transact converts the manual, tedious process of managing these processes into a secure, collaborative workspace.

  • Automate signature pages
  • Send and collect signatures with DocuSign integration
  • Create closing books in minutes
  • Adhere to many global signing jurisdictions
  • Eliminate the need for paper, printers, and scanners
  • Manage board consents and minutes

Functionality Provided




Closing checklists provide a transaction roadmap, helping organize the relevant documents and tasks required for closing by providing a real-time view of the documents and tasks throughout each stage of the deal process. 




Dramatically improve the process of managing signatures from creating blocks to executing final documents. Documents requiring signatures are matched to pre-formatted signature page templates that can be customized to a firm's specific style. DocuSign tabs are placed automatically on the signature pages, signature packets are instantly created for each signer, and each packet can be sent directly from the platform for electronic signature.


Closing Books

Easily edit and organize the table of contents and create closing books for each transaction and for specific stakeholders within minutes. Users have several different options for closing book delivery, such as PDF.

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A lite version of Litera Transact provides a paperless way to sign, bind, and close deals from anywhere. After you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation with more details.

Note: Offer contingent upon execution of a Litera Order Form. Subject to Litera’s standard licensing terms.