Share Secure Documents Without Risky Metadata with Metadact Server

Share the cleanest, most professional version of a document and remove the risk of sharing sensitive information with Metadact Server.

Sending emails may seem simple, but a single mistake can lead to disastrous consequences. Accidentally sharing the wrong file or forgetting to remove sensitive metadata, track changes, and comments from documents can leave your organization vulnerable to security risks, non-compliance, and a loss of client trust.

Metadact Server is a metadata cleaning solution that scrubs metadata, track changes, comments, and more from documents across any device, enhancing data loss protection, document security, and collaboration.

The solution enables server-side metadata cleaning and leverages APIs to seamlessly integrate with a range of client applications including Microsoft 365 app, Outlook Web Access, Outlook for Mac, and more.Picture this: Complete control over your sensitive data. No more data loss nightmares. Effortless management of attachments. That's the power of Metadact Server at your fingertips.

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