M365 Copilot and Litera’s Tools: Separate Strengths, Shared Future

On-Demand Webinar

Did you know that 71% of M365 Copilot users save time on mundane tasks and 64% spend less time processing email?

You will gain insights like this and more in Litera’s latest webinar with Microsoft. Join us as we explore how firms are using M365 Copilot and Litera’s Drafting tools to supercharge productivity and deliver high-quality legal work.

In the webinar, you will hear from Microsoft experts Jennifer Cody, Account Technology Strategist, Kathleen Scarrone, Modern Workplace Specialist and Litera experts, Matt Miller, VP Strategic Solutions Evangelist, Litera and Sherry Kappel, Litera Evangelist, as they walk you through a value packed session, focusing on:

  • Litera’s and Microsoft’s decades-long collaboration
  • Results of M365 Copilot in improving productivity
  • Challenges and use cases of law firms for M365 Copilot
  • Upcoming features in M365 Copilot for Outlook and beyond
  • Current Litera Drafting capabilities in M365 and new Outlook
  • Litera’s transformation plans for Drafting tools
Fasten your seatbelts for an intriguing journey into the future of legal drafting! Watch the on-demand webinar today.


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