Modernizing Legal Document Creation: Moving from Innova and Forte to Litera Create

Access this eBook to understand how you can move from Innova or Forte to our go-forward, modern document creation platform, Litera Create.

Modernize Your Document Creation Workflow
Litera Create brings functionality from Innova, Forte, and Content Companion to provide a platform for document assembly and reuse and a content library for clause language with a recommendations engine. Litera Create automates the most repetitive tasks of document creation, making it possible to create an accurate first draft 85% faster.

With Litera Create in the market as a modern document creation solution, the end of an era for Innova, Forte, and Content Companion is approaching. Our teams have made the decision to end support for these products by December 31st, 2024, and we are encouraging our customers using these products to move to Litera Create.

But why should you move? What does Litera Create provide that Innova and Forte do not? We will explore questions like these and more in this eBook designed for current customers of Innova and Forte. You will learn more about:

  • Innova and Forte and our decision to end support for these products
  • What makes Litera Create unique and why you should move to our modern platform
  • More details around the implementation process of Litera Create and resources we provide to help you


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