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Foundation & Litera Create: Automatically Populate Documents with Client and Matter Data

The Foundation platform centralizes your firm’s data and provides you with quick and easy access to complete profiles of your clients, matters, and lawyers. This enables you to win more business and empowers your lawyers to exceed client expectations. And now, you can also leverage Foundation in your firm’s document drafting workflow.

Introducing our newest integration of Foundation and our document assembly and content library platform, Litera Create!

Litera Create is a document assembly and content library platform for Microsoft Word, designed to empower legal professionals to create quick and accurate first drafts through leveraging firm-approved templates and reusing the right version of clauses and content.

The integration makes creating documents a breeze by bringing Foundation datasets into Litera Create, and automatically populating documents with client and matter data. This reduces the likelihood of mistakenly entering the wrong client or matter data into a document or even making small typos.

To help you better understand the Foundation and Litera Create integration, watch our on-demand webinar with Litera experts, Peter Busse, Product Manager for Drafting, Max Polinski, Product Manager for Foundation, and Sherry Kappel, Litera Evangelist. During this webinar, you will gain insights into:

  • Use cases of the integration
  • The ins and outs of using Foundation and Litera Create
  • Quick demo to see the integration in action

Ready to see Litera Create in action? Request a demo with one of our experts here and expand the value of your Litera ecosystem.

Visit our landing page and watch a short demo!


HS Peter Busse.png
Peter Busse
Product Manager for Drafting
Max Polinski
Product Manager for Foundation
HS Sherry Kappel.png
Sherry Kappel
Litera Evangelist


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