On-Demand Webinar

What the Future of Your Governance Strategy Looks Like

Addressing the challenges of modern digital collaboration is no piece of cake. Especially when they are critical to your governance strategy. From mitigating data chaos, to enhancing team productivity, remaining compliant, and having a strong data architecture, are only some of the key elements for your collaboration systems.

But we’re here now. To help you create your governance strategy with the right solutions that enable your teams to collaborate more efficiently and securely.

Watch our webinar to hear from Brett Thompson, Sales Engineer, and Visare Smakiqi, Sales Engineer, on taking your governance strategy to the next level through:

  • Provisioning across systems to create logical places for users to store data
  • Applying metadata for classification and context so end users can locate data and risk management teams can apply security and minimization
  • Protecting data through access management, data loss prevention, and data protection policies
  • Responding to client & regulator requests through secure movement of data across systems, locations, and organizations
  • Reducing costs of storing unnecessary data with trigger-based disposition policies


Brett Thompson.png
Brett Thompson
Sales Engineer
Visare Smakiqi
Visare Smakiqi
Sales Engineer


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