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Inclusion as Competitive Intelligence

How Industry, Talent & Tech Leverage DEI to Become Competitive

This presentation and conversational style webinar explores how various industries have had to radically shift and respond to the markets demand for diversity, equity and inclusion. A heightened conscious consumer sentiment, pre and post pandemic impacts that have changed the face of work, and the steady war on talent has been a market catalyst. This has required a revolutionized approach to reputational brand, work culture, performance, talent development & engagement, and the use of tech, in order to be competitive. From market research to industry examples to critical reflections, we invited both our customers and industry to join in this thought leadership presentation and discussion at Litera.


Julia Satov
Julia Satov

Global Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Litera

Julia is an internationally published author on diversity, a national award winner for outstanding achievement in organizational development and was a finalist for WIT’s Ally of the Year, 2020. Her 15+ years career spans the industries of academia, legal, finance & tech. She taught business executives at the University of the West Indies, was Keynote for Insights U.S. Diversity Summit, sits on the Board for Ernestine's Women Shelter and is the Co-Chair & Strategic Advisor to UNITAR, CIFAL York. Julia has a degree in Philosophy, a Master of Education, a Law Clerk Diploma, and Certificates in Professional Ethics and Data-Driven Decision Making. She is currently the Global Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Litera.

Sherry Kappel
Sherry Kappel

Evangelist, Litera

Sherry has over 30 years’ experience in design, development and change management surrounding content creation technologies. She has written and spoken widely to address the needs, goals, and strategies of document-intensive businesses and is an expert in Microsoft Office/365 applications. She was recognized by ILTA as Innovative Thought Leader in 2017 and Innovative Consultant of the Year in 2014. Sherry earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from Truman State University, and a Master of Science in Communication Systems and Strategy from Northwestern University.


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