One platform to empower your entire firm

How Foundation enables IT to make data actionable for the people who need it

14 December 2022

1-2pm ET

Wherever your data is now – centralized, siloed, or somewhere in-between – and wherever it will live in the future, Foundation provides the layer which makes it actionable for people in your firm.

At its core, Foundation provides quick and easy access to complete profiles of your clients, matters, and lawyers. This interface combined with the way it connects data solves a huge variety of critical problems faced by functions across your firm.

It also simplifies your architecture and your approach to data, its management, security, and access, whilst freeing up your resources for other priorities with configuration, not customization.

Join us for this webinar in which we’ll discuss key problems solved by Foundation:

  • Business development: Identify the exact experiences you need to tailor responses and win business, in minutes.
  • Knowledge management: Get immediate answers to problems faced by your clients, lawyers, and internal teams.
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion: Quick access to complete profiles of your lawyers enables you to build diverse teams and identify gaps for recruitment.
  • Pricing: Use robust searching to identify the right set of matters to use as the basis of a predictable fee quote


Hunter Goolsby
Director, of Data Science, Strategy and Analytics, Troutman Pepper
Emily Cunningham Rushing
Director of Competitive Intelligence, Haynes Boone
Stephanie Bishop
Senior Solutions Engineer, Litera
Ashley Gibbs
Director, Sales Advisors, Litera


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