Litera 2023 Global M&A Report

Return to Normal: Resilience and Resetting

Despite a number of headwinds and a hangover from a record year, 2022 looks to have been a better year than anticipated for global dealmaking. Global deal activity appears healthy compared with years past. However, momentum has declined in recent months, and the dealmaking community is entering 2023 in a much different mood from the one it had entering 2022.

Litera’s 2023 Global M&A Report hopes to shed light on the M&A market as we head into the new year. Many of the charts and figures point to a resilient marketplace, but one whose annual totals were front weighted by an optimistic start to 2022.

Download the report to:

  • See a global snapshot of M&A activity heading into 2023;
  • Learn how global M&A deal activity, deal sizes, and multiples compare with pre-2021 surge levels;
  • Review global private equity deal activity, including take-private transactions; and
  • Read analysis and outlooks from two Goodwin Procter partners practicing real estate and private equity law.


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