Litera 2024 M&A Activity Report

The Evolution of Dealmaking in a Competitive Environment

Despite the array of challenges from grim economic predictions to outright wars, dealmakers shrugged off challenges to remain resilient heading into the new year. However, expectations for what’s next for the M&A market remain uncertain in the current environment due to a variety of global economic factors, though there is occasion for optimism amid the uncertainty.

In this edition, we’re proud to feature analysis and predictions from three women named by Mergers & Acquisitions as honorees of its 2024 Most Influential Women in Mid-Market M&A.

Litera’s M&A Activity and Outlook Report hopes to shed light on the M&A market as we look ahead to deal activity in 2024. Download the report to:

  • See a global snapshot of M&A activity heading into 2024, including deal sizes, EBITDA multiples, and debt loads
  • Learn about the latest deal activity trends in sectors including business products and services (B2B) and the growing importance and role of AI
  • Review cross border and global private equity deal activity, including take-private and add-on transactions
  • Read analysis and outlooks from three of Mergers & Acquisitions’ 2024 Most Influential Women in Mid-Market M&A


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