We surveyed over 500 respondents to learn how the modern lawyer uses technology

Studies have demonstrated that people typically think of themselves as above average—smarter, friendlier, and more honest and dependable than other people. The problem is, they can’t all be right.

It turns out that most lawyers also think they’re ahead of the curve in their use of legal technology.

How many of them are right about that?

To accurately evaluate our own progress, we need real-world benchmarks about how practicing lawyers actually use technology today. That’s what Above the Law and Litera set out to collect in our recent report, The Modern Lawyer: How Technology, Mobile Devices, and AI Are Shaping the Legal Industry in 2022.

For this report, we surveyed over 500 lawyers from a variety of roles, including in-house counsel, law firm partners and associates, and solo practitioners. We asked questions such as:

  • what specific tasks they leverage technology for,
  • how important they think artificial intelligence is, and
  • how much of their practice they can manage from their mobile devices.

With the results in this report, you’ll be able to accurately benchmark your adoption of legal technology—and gain actionable insights about the tasks and workflows for which tools like artificial intelligence are most helpful.

Don’t trust your gut when it comes to evaluating your own tech savvy. Download the report to learn more.


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