Trends in Global M&A Activity

Spotlight on Fintech, Software and Telemedicine

2021 was a hallmark year for global mergers and acquisitions. However, following five straight quarters of at least 3,000 deals, Q1 2022 saw 2,566 transactions worth $428.8 billion, in contrast to the $550.8 billion recorded in Q4 2021.

Powered by PitchBook data, Litera’s Trends in Global M&A Activity Report aims to capture notable post-pandemic trends in the global M&A market. It features industry spotlights on fintech, software, and telemedicine, all of which are expected to spur dealmaking this year.

Download the report to learn more about the trends in those industries, as well as:

  • How global M&A deal activity, deal sizes, and multiples compare with pre-pandemic levels;
  • What factors likely led to record acquisitive growth in select industries; and
  • Continued trends in form of payment and cross-border M&A activity.


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