The Changing Lawyer Report US

The Changing Lawyer Report 2022

First published in 2017, The Changing Lawyer global report looks at the challenges law firms and lawyers face as well as insight and analysis into what is driving law firms and the business of law.

Informed by extensive industry insight, research, and surveys undertaken by global legal analysts, subject matter experts, journalists, and lawyers, the Changing Lawyer Report concludes that during the past 12 months, technology has begun to transform legal departments and law firms.

The North American Edition – What’s Changing?
Following a year characterized by change and instability, The Changing Lawyer examines the trends reshaping the legal industry in North America.

The report looks at the growing role of allied professionals in the legal industry and how they collaborate with lawyers. Another concern is cloud security, policies, training, and what law firms implement for cyber security measures.
Three trends to watch
  • Hybrid working - still in an experimentation phase in North America?
  • What can be done about staff turnover?
  • AI-based technology for a range of legal tasks – finally growing acceptance?


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