7 Reasons Law Firms Use Dynamic Checklists to Manage Transactions

7 December 2023

9am EST

Legal teams that invest in a transaction management solution to help manage deals see significant gains in productivity, time, and cost savings. Litera Transact helps legal teams accomplish this with its Dynamic Checklist feature. Dynamic checklists can not only streamline signings and closings, but also transform the entire transaction management landscape.

Recent updates to Litera Transact provide even greater flexibility in editing and managing checklist columns and items, and more ease in designating multiple documents as requiring signatures.

Join our experts, Imelda Uduehi, Senior Solutions Consultant, and Stephanie Sellers, Strategic Solutions Consultant, to learn about:

  • The differences between traditional and dynamic checklists;
  • How dynamic checklists can revolutionize transaction management, offering an unmatched level of control and efficiency;
  • Why forward-thinking law firms are already integrating dynamic checklists into their operations; and
  • Litera Transact’s new dynamic checklist features.
This webinar will be recorded, and a link for the on-demand webinar will be shared with all registrants.


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