Litera’s 2021 Venture Capital Report

Betting on the Post-Covid Future Whitepaper

We’ve just wrapped up a year of remarkable growth in VC transactions, with four record-breaking quarters and a pace that shows no signs of slowing. What lessons should transactional lawyers take from 2021 so they can more efficiently manage their clients’ VC deals?

Powered by PitchBook data, Litera’s 2021 Venture Capital Report tells the story of what’s behind the sustained boom in VC transactions and what’s likely to happen next. It includes discussions of:

  • which sectors are driving the most VC growth,
  • why late-stage deals and repeat fundraising rounds are so prevalent, and
  • who’s investing and what that means for transactional lawyers.

Litera’s 2021 Venture Capital Report also sets out three primary challenges that lawyers face in managing VC transactions and proposes ways that technology can help lawyers meet increased demand.

Download your free copy of the Report today to learn how the momentum of 2021 could carry forward into 2022 and what you can do today to prepare.

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