The Unexpected Benefits of AI in Legal Work

How AI is Changing the Industry

Legal professionals know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) saves time, removes drudgery, and streamlines legal workflows—but that’s not all. As AI becomes ubiquitous in the industry, law firms are discovering unexpected benefits from the use of these technologies. For example, the creation of structured data can provide additional value to law firms and their clients, and help to reduce lawyer attrition.

AI and other technologies in the legal industry have already revolutionized the way law firms operate, from talent acquisition and retention to improving matter efficiency. As we look to the future, the use of technology—and AI specifically—will continue to impact what it means to do legal work.

Watch this recent webcast recording to hear from leaders of innovation in the legal industry about the full spectrum of value AI can provide for your firm. You will learn:

  • How AI is being used today in top law firms for transactional work;
  • The pain points AI solves and the benefits for law firms and their clients beyond its intended function; and
  • How AI can help improve lawyer retention and create new opportunities in the industry.


Sarah McCormick.png
Sarah A. McCormick
Senior Manager of Client Value Initiatives
Honigman LLP

HS Julien Cayet.png
Julien Cayet
Technology & Innovation Director
Loyens & Loeff

HS Josephine Good.png
Josephine Good
Practice Advisor

HS Kennan Samman (1).png
Kennan Samman
Vice President of Product Sales


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