Maintain Data Security with a Trusted Governance Platform

On-Demand Webinar

It’s all about securing your data!

With hybrid work as the new normal, data security challenges for organizations are on the rise.  

Hits by cyberattacks followed by regulatory bodies implementing more rigid compliance requirements, are the alerts organizations need to get their data security in check.  

Don’t wait up, get ahead of your data governance challenges with Litera Governance solutions!  

Watch our ILTA product briefing session to learn more about how your organization can address its compliance and security challenges for Microsoft 365 and other collaboration systems: 

  • Provisioning across systems to create logical places for users to store data
  • Applying metadata for classification and context so end users can locate data and risk management teams can apply security and minimization
  • Protecting data through access management, data loss prevention, and data protection policies
  • Responding to client & regulator requests through secure movement of data across systems, locations, and organizations
  • Reducing costs of storing unnecessary data with trigger-based minimization policies


Tina Harkins
Tina Harkins
Director of Product, Governance
Brett Thompson
Brett Thompson
Sales Engineer,


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