What Law Firms Need From Their Business Continuity Plans

How the COVID-19 pandemic challenged the legal industry's traditional approach to business continuity planning ⁠— and pushed law firms to reinvent their workflows with technology.

Until recently, many in the legal industry perceived business continuity planning as a nice-to-have rather than an urgent necessity. The coronavirus pandemic has destroyed that illusion, pointing out the critical importance of
business continuity planning and technology’s vital role in maintaining services in the face of considerable workplace disruption. 

In this whitepaper, read how the COVID-19 outbreak has stretched the limits of traditional business continuity planning and how leveraging technology can help lawyers fulfill the essential services their clients rely on. 

Read the whitepaper and learn more about:

  • What law firms need from their business continuity plans
  • Traditional business continuity planning versus planning during a global crisis
  • The essential components of legal work
  • How the legal industry can learn from this crisis


Investing in cutting-edge technologies demonstrates the firm's commitment to long-term growth, customer satisfaction, and innovation.