How Mid-sized Firms Leverage Technology and Measure Success

Increasing external pressures are forcing small
and mid-sized law firms to bridge traditional tactics
and the use of technology. What's driving this change?

It's no secret that the legal space has a reputation for being resistant to change. Even for small and mid-sized firms, clients and young associates alike expect you to utilize technology to deliver higher quality service.

In this whitepaper, we cover the factors that are pressuring mid-sized law firms to leverage legal technology and how doing it right can give you a major edge over the competition.

Learn more about:

  • How to reach a consensus within your team about the legal technology to implement at your firm.
  • Measuring the impact of technology's impact on the business.
  • The often overlooked but intangible benefits technology has not just on work quality but on employee retention and morale.


Small and mid-sized law firms that
can deliver true value by leveraging
technology stand to gain the most, and
can stay competitive with larger firms.