Applying Innovation to the 7 Stages of a Deal Lifecycle

A before and after comparison of managing transactions with technology.

Traditional methods of managing a legal transaction simply don't cut it for today's lawyers. Clients across industries are demanding faster turnaround and lower administrative costs, but many law firms have yet to innovate to adapt to those demands.

This white paper explains how deal management software ⁠— designed for transactional lawyers ⁠— speeds up every stage of a deal from checklists to closing binders. 

Learn more about:

  • The seven administrative stages that comprise the deal lifecycle
  • Where traditional management methods fall short within those stages
  • How innovation can address those shortcomings to meet client needs
  • How a transaction management solution optimizes your workflow at every stage of a deal


Our experience in the past was that
once the deal was closed, we still had
to do a lot of work organizing the
CPs and getting them in order and
producing the bible of documents.
Now, we can actually do the bibling
the second after the deal has closed.
-Martin Gunnheim, Associate,
Arntzen de Besche