No Pen, No Problem: How Law Firms Can Get the Most Value from E-Signatures

How can you ensure that your legal team is getting the most value from e-signatures?

Incorporating e-signatures without reinventing the legal industry’s entire paper-based approach doesn’t address the longstanding inefficiencies that continue to plague lawyers, their teams, and their clients. The standard approach to legal document management involves mountains of documents, hours of associate or paralegal time, and inevitable room for errors. 

You need more than e-signatures. In this white paper, we cover why your firm should use e-signatures jointly with digital transaction management technology. 

Read the white paper and learn:

  • How combining e-signatures with digital transaction management will save your firm —and your clients— time and money, while closing deals faster
  • How to improve employee satisfaction and reduce costly attrition with a streamlined way to manage signatures
  • And more!

Download the whitepaper

E-signatures can help your law firm better serve its clients during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond⁠—if you use them effectively, in concert with a digital document and checklist management system.