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Global M&A Trends and Data: 2023 Expert Roundtable

Optimism in the M&A market may have faded as we find ourselves in Q1 2023, but 2022 was still a better year than anticipated as dealmakers rode out the second half of the year. Even with market headwinds following the 2021 surge in dealmaking, is it possible deal volume could exceed expectations in 2023?

In this free webinar, our panel of experts from Honigman, Burns & Levinson, Pryor Cashman, Eversana, PitchBook, and Litera share their opinions and discuss:

  • The trends likely to spur or dampen deal making activity;
  • Valuation multiples, pandemic-era adjustments, and interest rate and inflationary pressures; and
  • Which industries will drive deal volume for the remainder of the year
We also share the results of our latest report on the state of M&A activity. Powered by PitchBook data, Litera’s 2023 Global M&A Report hopes to shed light on the M&A market as we head into the new year. Many of the charts and figures point to a resilient marketplace, but one whose annual totals were front-weighted by an optimistic start to 2022.


Matthew R. VanWasshnova
Honigman LLP
John J. Crowe
Pryor Cashman LLP
Kristin Satterfield
Director of Legal Operations
Josef Volman 
Partner | Co-Chair, Business Law
Burns & Levinson
Alex Lykken 
Senior Analyst
Benjamin Kane
Senior Sales Director


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