McNees Wallace & Nurick

A remote/hybrid case study

McNees, Wallace & Nurick is a 150+ Timekeeper Aderant law firm located in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. They kicked off the beginning of 2020 with a steady trajectory of growth and profitability but in March, Coronavirus began having a devastating impact on lives and businesses across the globe. McNees’ management immediately began preparing for the likelihood of shutting down the physical offices. Necessary tools and processes, including business intelligence (BI) applications through BigSquare, assisted in the successful transition to the working from home environment.

Many firms face the same challenges as McNees, some may already have BI tools in place, while others are seeking a solution to monitor daily activity. As a leader in the legal business intelligence space, we offer a client testimonial from a well-respected law firm on how business intelligence has aided them during their work from home transition.

Download this case study now to hear how BigSquare's BI applications have helped them during this transition!